Ally Antarra Lilly

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At her first endurance ride (April 2016), Lilly completed 25 miles and won Best Conditioned on two consecutive days. On the first day, she was 4th of 8 horses and on the second day she was 2nd of 10! Her quiet demeanour and physical ability impressed each of the ride vets and fellow competitors. She was truly born for endurance racing and we are excited to see what she can accomplish in the future!

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Ally Antarra Lilly AK Fazeer Imperial IM Mahal Ansata Imperial
Malekat El Gamal
Princes Fayza TheEgyptianPrince
SB Fayza
Antarra Antar El Din IBN Alaa Eldin
Cynarra Raklasad
KB Prairie Velvet

AK Fazeer
AK Fazeer

Foals out of Ally Antarra Lilly:

AK Ziyeed
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