Over the years we have created many sales videos of our horses as well as fun videos around the farm. We also enjoy collecting videos of our horses' ancestors. We have many more videos to add, so please check back again!


Horses currently owned by Arabian Knights


AK Lady Midian (2013)


AK Ziyeed (2010)


AK Frazetta (2015)


AK On The Roxx (2015)


AK Anna Lucia (2015)

SAHA & RDDA Icebreaker Dressage Show Walk/Trot Test A, score of 59.048%


AK Mahals Shooting Star (2014)
Westman Dressage Fall Festival, Training Level Test 3, score of 67.8%

AK Mahals Mercury Blues (2015)
WSDAC Virtual Show Basic Level Test 2, score of 77.5%
WSDAC Virtual Show First Level Test 2, score of 72.65%

AK Scorpion

Western video (2011):

Dressage video (2012):



Color Me TooCool (2009)



Horses previously owned by Arabian Knights

AK Good Golly Miss Molly (2014)


AK Princes Fayleen (2013)



AK Ekko (2011)



AK Black Rain (2011)



Horses related to those owned by Arabian Knights


The Color of Fame
(Sire of Color Me TooCool and grandsire of AK On The Roxx)



(Legendary sire of many champions; Great-great-great grandsire of AK Judea and AK Max Factor, Great-great-great-great grandsire of AK Scorpion, AK Mahals Mercury Blues, AK Platinum Blonde, AK Anna Lucia, and AK Nazareth)


Hey Hallelujah++//
(Grandsire of MF Born This Way)


GF Forever Magic+
(Sire of PWS Moonstorm)


*Magic Dream
(Grandsire of PWS Moonstorm)


TF X-Treme
(Sire of AK On The Roxx)



(Grandsire of AK Good Golly Miss Molly)



Tammens Sadik
(Sire of AK Good Golly Miss Molly)


Shaikh Al Badi
(Great-grandsire of AK Good Golly Miss Molly)


Imperial Egyptian Stud: Genesis


Imperial Egyptian Stud: To Fly Without Wings


Imperial Egyptian Stud: The Early Breeding Program
(Includes footage of Imperial IM Mahal's dam Malekat El Gamal and others)


Ansata: The Key of Life


Glennloch Farm Imports and Breeding Program


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